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What is Dive and how does it work?

Anything you ask yourself while watching a movie or series, Dive can answer it in real-time. We collect and select the content of each scene: actors, characters, fashion, fun facts, locations, soundtracks, vehicles…

In order to use Dive on your mobile phone, you need to be watching a movie or series on another device such as a TV, computer, or tablet. Open the app and search our catalog for the movie or series you’re watching, then press the ‘Dive In’ button. You can also press the Dive icon and we’ll guide you through the synchronization process.

Can I watch movies on Dive?

On Dive, we offer additional information in real-time for the movie or series you’re watching, but you will not be able to play your movies and series through our service since Dive is not a streaming app.

What does the Dive In button do?

Press ‘Dive In’ and synchronize with the content you’re watching on another device, such as a TV, computer, or tablet. We’ll show you in real-time all the additional information related to the scene you’re watching.

For example, when a character or location appears on screen, the same information will appear on your device simultaneously, offering an enriched background of information for that specific character or location.

What can I find in the ‘What to watch on TV’ section?

The movies listed in the TV section are the movies being broadcast or that are scheduled to be broadcast within the next few days. These movies are available to be synchronized with Dive, and when you’re watching a movie from this option, simply tap the ‘Dive In’ button to begin enjoying the content.

Why can’t I sync with some series or movies?

If you don’t see the yellow ‘Dive In’ button on a movie or series it’s because we’re still working on preparing the content. As soon as it’s ready, you can synchronize it and live the Dive experience.

Once I’ve finished the synchronization process, which content can I interact with?

Once you’ve synchronized, lots of content will dynamically appear on your device simultaneously as it appears on screen. Click on any of the cards to know more details.

You can access more information about the characters, the clothes they’re wearing, fun facts, the music that’s playing, vehicles, locations, etc.